Born in Santa Monica, CA, 1969.

Since the summer of '69, Johnny has been witness to the rich scenic landscapes and historic landmarks of The Golden State. As a young fan of classic "Hollywood" and the golden era of studio entertainment, it was no surprise his passion in arts would lead him to a career in the film industry. No stranger to hard work, Johnny dedicated himself to the production world of TV commercial advertising. A knack for understanding the in's and out's each department led him to becoming a Unit Production Manager, whereas Johnny is a
n active member of the Director's Guild of America. Working his way from the bottom upward, he is humbled by the privilege to work with so many amazing industry talents both above and below the line. But the success of commercial production, no matter how sweet, will always co-exist with Johnny's love with his cameras.

The dot com boom of the late 90's brought Johnny the opportunity to become a true pioneer of digital media where he headed the Digital Media Dept. at Zeroyear, a live-action department of Kick Media. Commissioned by EMAP Petersen Publications, he spent over 2 great years capturing still and live action video for Kick Media designed sites; NBC's Gravity Games,,,,,,, etc… covering the biggest names in pop culture.

These great opportunities have allowed Johnny to forge his craft through the years and perfect his eye behind the camera. He has traveled worldwide working on numerous projects, and whether large or small, Johnny is sure to bring his positive energy, wealth of experience and passion for excellence.


Johnny is a freelance seasoned professional in both small and large commercial production.  He now lives in historic Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA with his wife and kids.